The Law of Opposites or How to Take Advantage of Duality

Because you live in a dimension of duality, anytime you have a condition, emotion, feeling or thought come up; it means you also have, whether you are aware of it
or not, the opposite already contained within it.

You can utilize this by being aware of it consciously and use it to your advantage, for instance, when a moment of anger strikes you. Say something happens and you feel anger. The opposites of anger would be feelings of peace, acceptance, tolerance and allowance of the situation. As you are feeling that anger, you can
transmute it to the more positive side immediately by using the Violet Flame and the consciousness that you have the opposite already within you.

Simply, as you are acknowledging the anger — stop — ask the Violet Flame to come in to reverse the feeling, to transmute it into a positive attribute, and it willhappen almost instantaneously. Other examples are: when you are feeling apprehensive or fearful about a situation, bring in your thought that you have the opposite within you and turn that fear into calmness, peace and love. Again, you may do this instantly with the Violet Flame.

Q: When you are in a moment of anger, how can your first thought be to bring the Violet Flame in to transmute the anger? Is there a way to make that your first

A: Yes, that is part of becoming a Master, part of being in control of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Rather than letting your feeling carry you away, and
continue in with the anger, if you can stop and consciously ask; “Wait – do I want to be in anger, do I want to stay in this condition?” and the answer is no, I
don’t want to stay here; you are exhibiting a degree of mastery. If you transmute as soon as you get hold of yourself, the next time anger comes up, it will be thatmuch quicker and easier to stop yourself.

So it is a continuous, accelerated awareness that will happen the more you do this. Each time the anger comes, you will be able to catch and transmute it faster
than the time before, to where eventually, you no longer have anger in you.

Q: My ideal, perfect world would be for everything to be in peace and love, but we live in duality. Is there a way to realize there is an opposite and never have toexperience it again?

A: Eventually, yes. Ascended Masters recognize that the opposite is contained within, yet they no longer experience it. It will always be within you, for we are allthings, at all times. It is our choice what to bring forth and experience. And that is Mastery, choosing what to bring forth and being in control of your nature
and your emotions, as opposed to them being in control of you.

Q: What about crying? Does crying help you release pain and help you heal?

A: Emotional crying is very good for you, not at all a weakness as some people think. It’s a natural response to sorrow, pain, fear, anger, shame, grief, despair,
depression and sadness. Emotional tears contain proteins and hormones that build up to very high levels when the body experiences emotional stress. If those
chemicals did not discharge, they would build up to toxic levels that would weaken the body’s immune system and other biological processes. People feel better aftercrying due to the discharge of those proteins, some of which even cause physical pain. Crying also makes endorphins to make you feel better. Your science does not
know this, yet I do, that crying helps release the actual emotion as well as that which has been transmuted by the Violet Flame. It is harmful, in that sense, to
try NOT to cry. We wish that more people, men in particular, would allow themselves the luxury of plentiful tears.

Crying is also a response to joy, feeling deeply touched or moved, feeling loved, being awed, feeling overwhelmed, and experiencing tenderness. Soon you may cry
more for those happy reasons than the others mentioned above.

Q: Is the concept of people releasing emotions for other people, because they are unable to, based in fact?

A: Yes, many people are on the Earth plane at this time with the mission of helping the Earth and its inhabitants transmute and transform the planet into Ascension.These people are processing for the whole of mankind, as well as for themselves. They especially need to use the Violet Flame due to their mission. The Violet Flamewill help them to not become overwhelmed with all that they are experiencing.

Part on RELATIONSHIPS follows:

Q: Why does it seem that a lot of aware people are by themselves (as in they don’t have partners)?

A: Well, there are various different reasons, too many to go into now. Here are two:

One is that some people are on an accelerated mission to clear as much karma and have as many life experiences as possible. They are here not just to experience butto change themselves rapidly. It will seem as if they are a totally different person than they were just a few years ago. It could be a disservice to a mate, and
particularly children, because very few people would be able to keep up with the other’s changes. It may be a continual upheaval, breaking of hearts, and changing
of relationships if they were to attempt a long-term relationship. Usually those individuals agreed to live “alone” before they ever came to the Earth plane. On a
conscious or subconscious level they are aware of that.

Another reason is more of a temporary nature and that is because many aware (I say aware because all people are spiritual, whether they are actively on a “spiritual path” or not) people are consciously working on themselves, changing themselves, purifying their thoughts, actions and deeds and are a
“work-in-progress”. One always attracts a person or mate that reflects herself or himself at the moment.