We are all faced with obstacles and things that get in our way. We all make mistakes, and I am certainly no exception. Sometimes I feel like the poster child for “Learning Lessons The Hard Way”. It is almost ridiculous the way things works… just when everything is starting to click and you are making major headway, something comes along and knocks you off your horse. Like a reminder that things are not easy and to not ever take life for granted.

Honestly, I have been through some rough times personally and with my budding company (DVLP Clothing). I have been faced with tragic deaths, massive fraud from people stealing money, personal heartbreak, broken bones, unknown sicknesses, and of course the every day struggles of making a living in these crazy times. At an early point in my young life I began teaching myself how to brush off whatever the bad happening had been and stand back up. To learn from the situation and gain strength from it….of course I am still learning this process, but the point I am making is that you are learning. Challenging yourself to get better.

I recently read a small article on SUCCESS MAGAZINE, written by Darren Hardy about this very topic. He discusses how he has also learned a lot about failure and mistakes, but how to minimize the time it knocks you out. How to learn from it, be grateful for what you have, and to jump back on that horse. I recommend reading this article if you can.