DVLP teamed up with local production company Moment Universe to create a lifestyle video based around our denim. Yeah I know…a girl and a guy meet over denim…the story has been told before 🙂 However we wanted to put a twist on the story and base it around an exchange of old for new, and a realization that both are still valuable.
To see the video featured on Transworld: http://business.transworld.net/36782/features/60-second-sell-dvlp-denim/

It means a lot to use to build something around creativity and passion. We love the people we work with and coming out with a good product. We have been SOOO stoked on how the new denim fits… People are loving it!!!! Making this video was so fun and a reminder of why we do this. Hopefully you enjoy it and it inspires you to create something fresh.