I was born in San Francisco, CA. and lived in a loft with my mother, father, and younger brother Dakota. When I was 6 we moved to  Boulder, CO where I grew up snowboarding, skateboarding, and challenging the world of artistic expression. Growing up in Boulder was wild… and I am happy to still be alive after all my adventures in the city and the mountains!!!  I spent most of my days getting in and out of trouble, taking chances that risked my life more times then I would like my mother to know about, and getting arrested (I got really good at talking with authoritative figures).  But I always dedicated enough effort in school to get straight A’s, and I made sure to spend time with my brother and wonderful parents.

After highschool i moved to Steamboat Springs to attend Colorado Mountain College . It was here that I started my first apparel line, Coular. The company designed and sold t-shirts and sweatshirts and enjoyed modest growth for two year, after which it was sold for a small profit. At the same time I started to focus more on snowboarding, and spent the next few years pursuing the sport professionally in Vail, CO and Vancouver, B.C.

In 2004, after several serious snowboarding accidents, I moved back to Colorado to attend Fort Lewis College, where I received by BA in International Business. It was that first summer back that I started DVLP Clothing with my good friend Mike Ossell. The following year we brought on fellow artists and snowboarding enthusiast Noah Price. Little did I know that we were creating a way of life and a community that has continued to grow in strength and influence. DVLP Clothing has reached across the world to bring people together for a greater purpose…or should I say the world has found DVLP and helped to build the brand into a forum where people can take chances, support friendship, and be happy. DVLP has become a way of life, and we use clothing as our creative outlet. I am more proud of the community of positive, talented people who I have had the privilege of being a part of, then anything in my life.

In 2007, as DVLP started to grow, we decided to move the company from the sleep town of Durango to the thriving young city of Denver, CO. We have been here ever since and never looked back. We continue to grow the company and support our ever growing creative community. In the summer of 2009 we awarded “Best Streetwear Designer of the Year” by FGI (Fashion Group International), and we have completely restructured the company to streamline our efforts and build a lasting foundation.

Since March of 2009, I have also decided to dedicate myself to the education of building wealth through successful investing. I realized that building companies like DVLP Clothing made me happy, but I did not want it to be my only stream of income. I knew I had to learn how to be a successful investor, so I could have the freedom to give back to my community, spend quality time with friends and family, and start building enough wealth to retire by the year 2020. Of course I will always work and create, but I know that I have finally figured a system for building successful companies and investing my money in wealth producing assets that will give me the freedom to live life to the fullest. Real Estate Investing is the foundation of my wealth building. Developing or building a property is one thing. But providing an exceptional living experience for residents is what really matters at the end of the day. After all, residents drive operating income and operating income drives property value. My main focus is to bring people and property together in order to continuing building community and sharing  ways to live up to our full potential.

I believe in creating positive communities that work together so that we all may make money, give back to the people in need, and live positive, happy lives. Whether it is through building companies like DVLP Clothing, or investing in real estate, I will continue to educate myself and share with people around me, so that we all may progress towards a better future.

Thank you,

Rustin Sage Coburn