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We are all faced with obstacles and things that get in our way. We all make mistakes, and I am certainly no exception. Sometimes I feel like the poster child for “Learning Lessons The Hard Way”. It is almost ridiculous the way things works… just when everything is starting to click and you are making major headway, something comes along and knocks you off your horse. Like a reminder that things are not easy and to not ever take life for granted.

Honestly, I have been through some rough times personally and with my budding company (DVLP Clothing). I have been faced with tragic deaths, massive fraud from people stealing money, personal heartbreak, broken bones, unknown sicknesses, and of course the every day struggles of making a living in these crazy times. At an early point in my young life I began teaching myself how to brush off whatever the bad happening had been and stand back up. To learn from the situation and gain strength from it….of course I am still learning this process, but the point I am making is that you are learning. Challenging yourself to get better.

I recently read a small article on SUCCESS MAGAZINE, written by Darren Hardy about this very topic. He discusses how he has also learned a lot about failure and mistakes, but how to minimize the time it knocks you out. How to learn from it, be grateful for what you have, and to jump back on that horse. I recommend reading this article if you can.

She liked how he casually walked up behind her and pulled her into him; she felt his hand skim under his tailored shirt that she wore, around her tanned waist and release. Fuck! He felt so good.. but its’ sweetness made her nervous.

She giggled as she imagined it like “The Small World Ride” from hell. So she pivoted and purposely peered out her window. “Sunlight hit me dead in the eye. Like it’s mad I gave half the day to last night”- lyrics ran through her head, a song that a junkie in NY had turned her onto. God that guy was a such study in dichotomy- his mind was such a beautiful contribution, intent on destroying itself..

She snapped back into the moment to watch him jump onto the bed. Even with the light now pretty much assaulting her wide dark eyes, the night replayed as flash images as if she had no choice, and they were spilled and stained all over her optical nerve. -His hands, her skin, his mouth, everywhere, struggle, peace, everything at once-. Each marking her brain in a way she couldn’t decide was good or bad; she only knew, like the junkie, she wouldn’t able to say no to more.

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Like a child’s imagination you should never let go of your dreams. It is not easy, but if you can train your every thought to know…”TO ABSOLUTELY KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT”…that you are accomplishing your dreams, you will. Sometimes people say, “Be careful what you wish for, because it may come true” …well lets flip that around. Lets wish for what we want and know that it will happen. If you can let go of every fear and pre-conceived notion of what reality is suppose to be, then you can start creating your own reality.

If you believe in mind over matter and that dream attracts dream….the sky is truely the limit. In fact there is no limit.  I like to think about the Law of Magnetic Resonance. An illustration of the Law of Magnetic Resonance is this: picture that you have two pianos in one room. One is at one end of the room and the other piano is at the other end of the room opposite of the first piano. You then strike a key on the first piano to hear the sound come forth, but then if you were to walk across the room to the second piano, and lift up the top, you would find that the same key that you struck on the first piano would be vibrating on the second piano that you never laid a finger on! In the same way dreams and visions attract like or similar dreams and visions.

We dream of having a place in the woods where we can escape the hum of the city. Nothing fancy, just a place friends and family come together around a fire, sip hot cocoa, and talk the night away. And you know that feeling you get when you see something that makes your dream seem like it could become reality? That’s the feeling we got when we read about the lovingly named “Swamp Thing” hut/cabin featured over at Dwell.

For twenty years the structure’s design languished unbuilt but in the summer of 2008 Keith Moskow and Robert Linn, two Boston architects, decided they finally had the right spot to make it a reality. With only one-eighth of an acre of buildable land and the help of some friends, they built the 580-square-foot structure for only $7,500 in materials. The result is just the kind of escape that we’ve been dreaming of.

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The Law of Opposites or How to Take Advantage of Duality

Because you live in a dimension of duality, anytime you have a condition, emotion, feeling or thought come up; it means you also have, whether you are aware of it
or not, the opposite already contained within it.

You can utilize this by being aware of it consciously and use it to your advantage, for instance, when a moment of anger strikes you. Say something happens and you feel anger. The opposites of anger would be feelings of peace, acceptance, tolerance and allowance of the situation. As you are feeling that anger, you can
transmute it to the more positive side immediately by using the Violet Flame and the consciousness that you have the opposite already within you.

Simply, as you are acknowledging the anger — stop — ask the Violet Flame to come in to reverse the feeling, to transmute it into a positive attribute, and it willhappen almost instantaneously. Other examples are: when you are feeling apprehensive or fearful about a situation, bring in your thought that you have the opposite within you and turn that fear into calmness, peace and love. Again, you may do this instantly with the Violet Flame.

Q: When you are in a moment of anger, how can your first thought be to bring the Violet Flame in to transmute the anger? Is there a way to make that your first

A: Yes, that is part of becoming a Master, part of being in control of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Rather than letting your feeling carry you away, and
continue in with the anger, if you can stop and consciously ask; “Wait – do I want to be in anger, do I want to stay in this condition?” and the answer is no, I
don’t want to stay here; you are exhibiting a degree of mastery. If you transmute as soon as you get hold of yourself, the next time anger comes up, it will be thatmuch quicker and easier to stop yourself.

So it is a continuous, accelerated awareness that will happen the more you do this. Each time the anger comes, you will be able to catch and transmute it faster
than the time before, to where eventually, you no longer have anger in you.

Q: My ideal, perfect world would be for everything to be in peace and love, but we live in duality. Is there a way to realize there is an opposite and never have toexperience it again?

A: Eventually, yes. Ascended Masters recognize that the opposite is contained within, yet they no longer experience it. It will always be within you, for we are allthings, at all times. It is our choice what to bring forth and experience. And that is Mastery, choosing what to bring forth and being in control of your nature
and your emotions, as opposed to them being in control of you.

Q: What about crying? Does crying help you release pain and help you heal?

A: Emotional crying is very good for you, not at all a weakness as some people think. It’s a natural response to sorrow, pain, fear, anger, shame, grief, despair,
depression and sadness. Emotional tears contain proteins and hormones that build up to very high levels when the body experiences emotional stress. If those
chemicals did not discharge, they would build up to toxic levels that would weaken the body’s immune system and other biological processes. People feel better aftercrying due to the discharge of those proteins, some of which even cause physical pain. Crying also makes endorphins to make you feel better. Your science does not
know this, yet I do, that crying helps release the actual emotion as well as that which has been transmuted by the Violet Flame. It is harmful, in that sense, to
try NOT to cry. We wish that more people, men in particular, would allow themselves the luxury of plentiful tears.

Crying is also a response to joy, feeling deeply touched or moved, feeling loved, being awed, feeling overwhelmed, and experiencing tenderness. Soon you may cry
more for those happy reasons than the others mentioned above.

Q: Is the concept of people releasing emotions for other people, because they are unable to, based in fact?

A: Yes, many people are on the Earth plane at this time with the mission of helping the Earth and its inhabitants transmute and transform the planet into Ascension.These people are processing for the whole of mankind, as well as for themselves. They especially need to use the Violet Flame due to their mission. The Violet Flamewill help them to not become overwhelmed with all that they are experiencing.

Part on RELATIONSHIPS follows:

Q: Why does it seem that a lot of aware people are by themselves (as in they don’t have partners)?

A: Well, there are various different reasons, too many to go into now. Here are two:

One is that some people are on an accelerated mission to clear as much karma and have as many life experiences as possible. They are here not just to experience butto change themselves rapidly. It will seem as if they are a totally different person than they were just a few years ago. It could be a disservice to a mate, and
particularly children, because very few people would be able to keep up with the other’s changes. It may be a continual upheaval, breaking of hearts, and changing
of relationships if they were to attempt a long-term relationship. Usually those individuals agreed to live “alone” before they ever came to the Earth plane. On a
conscious or subconscious level they are aware of that.

Another reason is more of a temporary nature and that is because many aware (I say aware because all people are spiritual, whether they are actively on a “spiritual path” or not) people are consciously working on themselves, changing themselves, purifying their thoughts, actions and deeds and are a
“work-in-progress”. One always attracts a person or mate that reflects herself or himself at the moment.

Building a twitter following:
1. Create a reason to be followed
Set up your account and start tweeting. Contribute something original, useful, funny or interesting to your ideal ‘follower’. Most people will scan your profile before choosing to follow you, so make sure there’s something there to interest them at first glance.
2. Search for people you already know
Use the search box at the top of your Twitter screen to search for people you already know. If you find them on Twitter, follow them! Look for authorities/leaders in your niche, blog authors you enjoy, people you connect with on other websites, etc. Twitter is a very social site and people you follow will often follow you too.
3. Put the word out!
Invite people to follow you on Twitter. Blog about it. Mention it in your newsletter. Put out a MySpace bulletin. Add a Twitter widget to your Facebook profile. Let people know about this cool new way to stay in touch with you!
4. Get involved in the current discussions
Reply to tweets you find interesting. If they reply to your response and a dialogue gets started, your twitter link will end up on their profile page. A person with a strong following, or even a smaller but targeted following, could end up sending you several new loyal followers.
5. Be consistent and let it grow naturally
Do the first four steps consistently, and you’ll find that your Twitter following grows daily. Post a good mix of resources, humor & personality, news and updates throughout the week or even throughout the day.
Bonus Tip: Use your real name on your Twitter account – or the name people will most likely know you by online, such as a common username. This will help people find you easily when searching for you on Twitter or Google.
Twitter Branding:
1. Claim your Twitter handle
Prime domain names, especially those ending in “.com,” have long been desirable, hard to find and extremely expensive. By not reserving your domain name, your business or personal brand is at risk and you may never be able to reclaim it once you’ve lost it. With Twitter continuing its meteoric rise in popularity, it’s no surprise that Twitter account names are starting to be treated like domain names.
What happens when you don’t claim your Twitter handle:
• Exxon Mobil failed to claim their name on Twitter and was forced to deal with reputation management problems, when an imposter started tweeting using @ExxonMobilCorp.
• Jack Canfield, founder and CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, had to take a different user name because he didn’t act quickly enough to secure his full name (he has @J_Canfield, not @JackCanfield).

2. Decide how you want to brand yourself
Before you start actively using Twitter, you need a strategy, and the first step in developing that strategy is to completely fill out your user profile. One of the goals of having a Twitter account is to gain followers and few people want to follow an account that doesn’t look legitimate (i.e. the profile hasn’t been filled out and there’s no avatar).
Take a good look at your other websites and profiles and draft a Twitter bio to match the rest of your online branding. This is how people will find you and recognize you now and in the future, so be honest. Don’t brand yourself as an expert unless you already are one. Do brand yourself based on your passions and skill set.
Once you have everything filled out, you should spend some time focusing on your Twitter background, which gives you an opportunity to extend your brand image onto Twitter and create a more cohesive experience for your followers. There are many sites that you can use to help you develop a custom background, such as Twitpaper() and Twitterimage.
I recommend creating a Twitter background that resembles the colors, format and logo from your personal or corporate website. When you create your background, add in additional information that isn’t covered in your Twitter profile, such as pointers to more websites, contact information, or information about products or services you sell.
Three techniques for branding yourself on Twitter:
1. Lead with your company: Pete Cashmore puts his company (Mashable()) ahead of himself on Twitter by using @Mashable as the account name, but uses his personal avatar and bio. This is a smart approach for Pete because he wants to build his company’s brand, while associating his own name with this successful property. This also gives Mashable a face and a personality to go with it.

2. Mutual branding: More and more companies are realizing that their employees are on Twitter and that they can be tapped to help promote their initiatives. Some of these Twitter accounts are mutually branded, so that the avatar has the person’s picture and the corporate logo. Two examples are Kodak’s Jennifer Cisney (@kodakCB) and Allison and Mike from CareerBuilder’s PR team (@CareerBuilderPR).
3. 100% personal branding: If you’re trying to build a strong personal brand, then focus your Twitter handle, avatar and bio information 100% on you, instead of your company.

3. Become known as an expert or resource

Essentially, Twitter is a shorter and more viral form of blogging, so the same rules actually still apply, and by constantly writing or tweeting about your expertise on a specific topic, you’ll become known for it and people will gravitate to you and follow you. If you already have a blog, then I recommend using Twitterfeed(), so you can syndicate your posts on Twitter automatically.

For many people, Twitter has become a filter. Trusted experts are relied upon to send their followers interesting and relevant links. You can subscribe to blogs and keywords using, and then act as an arbiter for your topic, constantly pushing out the best content. Do you want to become known as a personal finance enthusiast? What about a search engine marketing consultant? The best thing you can do for your brand on Twitter is to take your current interests and activities and establish a feed on Twitter to deliver that content to your audience again and again.
If you are an expert in your field, then have Q & A sessions, where you answer questions from your followers. The more you tweet about the topic you want to be known for, the more people will remember you and when they need your expertise, they will contact you. It’s that simple!

4. Establish a Twitter marketing plan

Just like with any other website or blog, just because you build it, doesn’t necessarily mean people will come. You should have a marketing plan in place to acquire new followers.
Elements of a Twitter marketing plan:
• Email signature: You probably already place your blog or website URL and contact information in your email signature, so why not add your Twitter handle? It’s free promotion and every email you send can turn into a new follower.
• Personal/corporate website: If you already have a website for you and/or your company, then you have a platform on which you can promote your Twitter address to people who will probably be interested in following you.
• Blog() homepage + posts: Your blog is a great place to promote your Twitter account because most people who read blogs know what Twitter is. You should take a two pronged approach. First, put your Twitter address in one of your sidebars and second, promote it discretely in posts every once in a while.
• Email newsletter: If you have an email newsletter, you can write about Twitter and link to your profile or put it at the bottom of your template, so that each email has a link to your account.
• Presentations: Do you do any public speaking? Why not include your Twitter account on the last slide of your presentation and tell people that they can follow you on Twitter?
• Business Card: Try including your Twitter handle on your business card. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, did this with his card.
• Article writing / guest blog posting: Whenever you write an article for a magazine, news website or guest post on a blog, try to include your Twitter handle in your byline.
• Networking on Twitter: By using the “@” symbol and either retweeting or communicating with other people, you’ll have some of them responding to you, thus promoting your Twitter account to many of their followers.
• Promotional products: Some people take Twitter promotion to the next level: Ted Murphy, for example, created custom Twitter shirts that have your Twitter handle.
Just like with any social network or blog, the more people who follow you, the easier it is to grow your already existing community. Retweets and following other people are two essential ways to get new followers. However, content is king on Twitter, so it is vital to make sure you produce consistent, quality tweets.