Gary Vaynerchuck shares what it really takes to “make it,” beyond money, goals, plans and whiz-bang technology.

DVLP teamed up with local production company Moment Universe to create a lifestyle video based around our denim. Yeah I know…a girl and a guy meet over denim…the story has been told before 🙂 However we wanted to put a twist on the story and base it around an exchange of old for new, and a realization that both are still valuable.
To see the video featured on Transworld:

It means a lot to use to build something around creativity and passion. We love the people we work with and coming out with a good product. We have been SOOO stoked on how the new denim fits… People are loving it!!!! Making this video was so fun and a reminder of why we do this. Hopefully you enjoy it and it inspires you to create something fresh.

We are all faced with obstacles and things that get in our way. We all make mistakes, and I am certainly no exception. Sometimes I feel like the poster child for “Learning Lessons The Hard Way”. It is almost ridiculous the way things works… just when everything is starting to click and you are making major headway, something comes along and knocks you off your horse. Like a reminder that things are not easy and to not ever take life for granted.

Honestly, I have been through some rough times personally and with my budding company (DVLP Clothing). I have been faced with tragic deaths, massive fraud from people stealing money, personal heartbreak, broken bones, unknown sicknesses, and of course the every day struggles of making a living in these crazy times. At an early point in my young life I began teaching myself how to brush off whatever the bad happening had been and stand back up. To learn from the situation and gain strength from it….of course I am still learning this process, but the point I am making is that you are learning. Challenging yourself to get better.

I recently read a small article on SUCCESS MAGAZINE, written by Darren Hardy about this very topic. He discusses how he has also learned a lot about failure and mistakes, but how to minimize the time it knocks you out. How to learn from it, be grateful for what you have, and to jump back on that horse. I recommend reading this article if you can.

She liked how he casually walked up behind her and pulled her into him; she felt his hand skim under his tailored shirt that she wore, around her tanned waist and release. Fuck! He felt so good.. but its’ sweetness made her nervous.

She giggled as she imagined it like “The Small World Ride” from hell. So she pivoted and purposely peered out her window. “Sunlight hit me dead in the eye. Like it’s mad I gave half the day to last night”- lyrics ran through her head, a song that a junkie in NY had turned her onto. God that guy was a such study in dichotomy- his mind was such a beautiful contribution, intent on destroying itself..

She snapped back into the moment to watch him jump onto the bed. Even with the light now pretty much assaulting her wide dark eyes, the night replayed as flash images as if she had no choice, and they were spilled and stained all over her optical nerve. -His hands, her skin, his mouth, everywhere, struggle, peace, everything at once-. Each marking her brain in a way she couldn’t decide was good or bad; she only knew, like the junkie, she wouldn’t able to say no to more.

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This is kinda entertaining….

Like a child’s imagination you should never let go of your dreams. It is not easy, but if you can train your every thought to know…”TO ABSOLUTELY KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT”…that you are accomplishing your dreams, you will. Sometimes people say, “Be careful what you wish for, because it may come true” …well lets flip that around. Lets wish for what we want and know that it will happen. If you can let go of every fear and pre-conceived notion of what reality is suppose to be, then you can start creating your own reality.

If you believe in mind over matter and that dream attracts dream….the sky is truely the limit. In fact there is no limit.  I like to think about the Law of Magnetic Resonance. An illustration of the Law of Magnetic Resonance is this: picture that you have two pianos in one room. One is at one end of the room and the other piano is at the other end of the room opposite of the first piano. You then strike a key on the first piano to hear the sound come forth, but then if you were to walk across the room to the second piano, and lift up the top, you would find that the same key that you struck on the first piano would be vibrating on the second piano that you never laid a finger on! In the same way dreams and visions attract like or similar dreams and visions.

We dream of having a place in the woods where we can escape the hum of the city. Nothing fancy, just a place friends and family come together around a fire, sip hot cocoa, and talk the night away. And you know that feeling you get when you see something that makes your dream seem like it could become reality? That’s the feeling we got when we read about the lovingly named “Swamp Thing” hut/cabin featured over at Dwell.

For twenty years the structure’s design languished unbuilt but in the summer of 2008 Keith Moskow and Robert Linn, two Boston architects, decided they finally had the right spot to make it a reality. With only one-eighth of an acre of buildable land and the help of some friends, they built the 580-square-foot structure for only $7,500 in materials. The result is just the kind of escape that we’ve been dreaming of.